La Shrinking Violette-Jodi Arias trial

Hope she is cheaper.



As day 42 of Snow White’s trial gets underway tomorrow, April 8th, gender biased Madame La Violette will go up against Senor Martinez. Will we see a battle of the genders in full force?

While Snow White will sit and doodle, Nurmi will laze back in his chair and continue to park his left finger between his nose and upper lip and all the while Mandataire Willmott will be at the ready to scream, “irrelevant, foundation, scope, May we approach?” Did y’all notice how Willmott does the ‘bar strut’ as Nurmi plods along in the rear with his head down? To keep my sanity, I picture Jenny breaking a heel and while Nurmi reaches down to pick it up, I hear a big rip and we get to see if Kirk wears polka dot boxers. Notice how Nurmi always plays tug o war with those trousers up at the bench…

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